Family mission

As a Byerly family (except Liam, who was too small) we developed a top-10 list of “Who we are” as part of our family mission:

1. We are a blessing to those who enter our home, making it a place of peace and refuge.
2. We listen to people. We help them expand their horizons and achieve their goals.
3. We intervene on behalf of those in trouble, and empathize with the underdog.
4. We listen to God.
5. We take time for helpfulness, kindness, thoughtfulness and peace.
6. We live simply—we live and move with the people.
7. We believe in the equality of every person as a valued member of God’s kingdom.
8. We take good care of our bodies—eating healthy foods and exercising regularly.
9. We take good care our spirits—being open with our emotions and accountable for managing our thoughts.
10. We act courageously, taking risks to do what God is calling us to.

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