Getting Started: what do I want to do as a coach?

What do I want to do for people?
I want to help people make changes that will last after their coaching is finished. I want to help them start in a new direction, taking care of themselves in new ways and starting new ways of thinking that will help them get past obstacles. I want people to starting loving life–getting out of ruts, and moving away from thinking that being somewhat unhappy is OK.

I want to help people improve their relationships, by bringing in new levels of depth, honesty and connection. I want to help people who feel like there should be more to life–the kind of person who lives with purpose, who wants to make a difference, who is listening for God’s voice.

What is your greatest gift in coaching?
The greatest gift I have as a coach is the ability to ask good questions. I have a reassuring, humorous style that puts people at their ease. I also use honesty and am not afraid to ask the hard questions.

The reason I want to be a coach is that I love how I feel when I am able to influence another person to improve, or to take the plunge. Like when my sister started swimming 40 laps instead of just splashing around in the water. Or when I lost my first 10 pounds (20 to go). Or when my friends decided to get engaged. Or when another friend decided to have 50 women come on an African safari. Or when my house-helper put her son in a better school and took a beauty course.

Name three specific goals you would like to achieve in your coaching practice by the end of six months.
- I want to graduate from ICA in December of 2010.
- I would like to be able to make about $20,000 per year–enough to be able to pay for a family vacation to the States every year and a half, and to cover some of our expenses.
- Ideally, I would love to have a bed-and-breakfast someday and do coaching out of my home, along with a “spa” and environmental feel
- I would like to coach about 10 clients per week–about 2-3 hours per day. For the shorter term, this could happen in conjunction with a retreat center or an already existing counseling center.

What will be your three-month milestone?
My three-month milestone is to finish the first 3 modules of the course.

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