Co-active Coaching Model

I met here in Nairobi with a coach named Doug Timberlake, who explained his model of coaching, called Co-Active Coaching, to me.

In Co-Active Coaching, the client and the coach work toward a client-driven agenda of life fulfillment, balance and living in the now.

The four foundations are:

- the client is creative, resourceful and whole

- the client’s agenda is key

- we are dancing in the moment

- it’s about the client’s whole life

The principles of co-active coaching are:

- fulfillment: find out their values, and the sabateurs of those values

- balance: when a client is stuck in the impossible, help them find a new perspective (the Mango perspective, for example)

- process coaching: emotions are in the now. Use a lot of metaphors. let people BE with their emotions, go down the tube into the sewer with them until something shifts in their perspective.

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