Creating Confidence 2

What takes away my confidence as a coach?

  • I easily get down on myself because I’m constantly listening for my own mistakes–when I finished someone’s sentence, when I interrupted, when I gave a less than enthusiastic response.
  • I also feel inexperienced.
  • I don’t allow for bad days, when I’m tired or have other things on my mind.
  • I get nervous, not knowing what the person might bring to the conversation. Planning only helps to a certain extent. Then the rest just has to flow.

What are some steps you could take to increase your confidence:

  • I could be gentle with myself. Even if I notice errors, I can tell myself that I’m still learning and growing.
  • I can keep taking my classes, and doing my field work so that I build my skills.
  • I practice coaching-type conversations with friends, where I use a variety of listening skills.
  • I can learn to enjoy the feeling of being calm and not feeling like I need to fix the client. And remind myself that the client has her own answers and will find them.
  • When I get upset, I can practice letting go and getting centered again to move forward.
  • I can get feedback–it’s quite likely that others didn’t notice how bad I was as much as I did myself.

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