Creating confidence 3

For this class, I volunteered to be coached by Chris.

I told him that I’m thinking of starting a retreat center, and that I could consider doing it on my own, rather than being an employee for someone else. But I have two fears: (1) that I would make a dumb financial decision (2) that starting a business would take away too much time from family.

Chris was a great coach. He asked a lot of good questions, at just the right time. Such as: What do you like best–the freedom, or the thought of the retreat center? What is the risk of not pursuing it far enough to have clarity as to what it would entail financially? Why not at least get the information needed to be able to decide? What is the risk of the status quo? Are there several ways you can envision both maintaining family life and managing a business? Is it really either/or? Are they mutually exclusive?

Through our ten-minute conversation, I decided to take the following actions to increase my confidence:

(1) Find a friend at church who is  doing that—a woman who is running a business and has a family.

(2) Figure out where I could find out the cost of land and buildings in the area I am brainstorming about.

I would like to acknowledge Chris for:

-   Helping me commit to take action.

-  Sticking with the issues and bringing the conversation back deeper each time

-  Use of humor (kids are cheap labor)

-  Using powerful questions—is it the freedom that’s appealing, or is it the retreat center.

-  Acknowledgement: that fear is very real for you.

-  Turning my questions back to me: example, I know lots of people who are running businesses, but who can YOU  think of who are living the lifestyle you want?

-  Great challenges, and asking for time frames.

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