Creating Confidence Comment

A friend of mine had this to add, regarding creating confidence. Her comment also offers valuable insight into re-framing thoughts and self-awareness.

At a project management seminar, the speaker, Karen Valencic, from LifeWorks said “Self-care is not an occasional event.  It is an accumulation of the choices we make moment by moment throughout the day.” Then she talked about two perspectives which I labeled in my journal as the old me and the new me.  She called them “limits to perfection” and “power of discovery”, and listed some differences between the two.

Perfection: Self-esteem is based on a role model or performance standard – based on being right.
Discovery: Self-esteem is based on inquiry and creativity – based on learning.

Perfection: Fear of failure – unwillingness to take risks.
Discovery: No failure – willingness to do what is purposeful.

Perfection: Frustration and anxiety – control.
Discovery: Fascination and enjoyment – spontaneity.

Perfection: Judgment of self and others – work and struggle.
Discovery: Appreciation of self and others – play.

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