Getting started: designing my ideal life

As my sister Karin said, “This sounds really great, as I would expect from an “ideal life”. This is how I would characterize my ideal life:

a) Self Care

  • Starting my day with an hour for myself—for prayer, for exercise, for breakfast, for quiet and peaceful time.
  • Exercise 4-5 times each week, with a mix of cardio, pilates and various methods that combine some meditation/breathing with a good feeling of warmed-up muscles.
  • Drinking 5-8 glasses of water each day.
  • Within a normal, healthy weight (140-150 pounds) and feeling energetic.
  • Eating 4-5 fruits and vegetables in a day, especially if they are freshly picked from my own garden.
  • Going to bed regularly before 11pm and waking around 7am.

b) Home Environment

  • Having a pied-a-terre in the States, in New England in a cabin on a lake.
  • In America, we could go there for a couple of months each year and invite relatives to visit and run around outside with the kids, and also visit them. Build relationships for long-term friendships among our children.
  • Living in Kenya for another 10 years, possibly on a compound with a fitness center and pool, or possibly on a compound with plenty of grassy spaces. In any case, with other families with kids around.
  • In Kenya, the househelper would take care of the laundry, the cooking and the cleaning. The yard would be shared with others, especially people who have kids.
  • I would have a nice, large office where Ben and I can both have all the book shelves, lots of light coming in from all sides, comfortable seats, plenty of lamps, a sitting area and desks for each of us. We could both host people or couples there for conversation without interruption.
  • The master bedroom would have plenty of closet space as well as a private bathroom with a tub. The master bath would be beautiful, simple and clean for relaxing.
  • The house would have an outside eating area.

c) Relationship

  • Ben and I will continue to be committed to making our relationship better every day, raising our children to value what we do—simplicity, listening, being with people, loving God, loving others.
  • I would have good eye contact, hugs and snuggles, quality time, conversation and other loving interactions with each of our 3 kids every day.

d) Friends and Family

  • I like to have 3 good girlfriends at any given time—people I can tell everything to and be honest with emotions and what’s going on with me.
  • My friends pop by at any time without planning in advance—just to stop in and have a cup of coffee or go for a walk, or stop in at dinner time.
  • I have at least one or two friends who are mentors to me, and I also have one or two people who look to me for guidance.
  • My friends are open and are interested in continuing a spiritual journey. They are energetic, bright, self-aware and balanced—not easily bent out of shape. They love to have new ideas and get excited about helping others.
  • I have a relationship of blessing my parents—making sure they feel loved and cared for.
  • I have a healthy, loving and spacious relationship with my sisters and my brother. Seeing each of them at least once a year and keeping up regularly on email and the phone. Spending more time together as we get older.

e) Career

  • I would like to work about 4-5 hours per day. I would want someone else to handle the bookkeeping, taxes and other paperwork, while I spend my time one-on-one or family coaching. And spend some time each week planning and hosting retreats.
  • I would provide a listening ear for people who want to go farther on their spiritual journey or make a lifestyle breakthrough for better balance and centeredness in their lives.
  • I would work with people who are sincere—or at least are moving in that direction. Who want to see the truth and let it set them free.
  • I would like to work in an annexe to my home—not in my living space, but not commuting either. Maybe another small building or suite on my property. With plenty of greenery all around.

f) Enjoyment

  • I would want to stop working for 2 months each year while we travel to the States in the summer to let the kids get to know the cousins. I’d like to spend some of that time canoeing, swimming, gardening, walking.
  • I would want to have an hour or two every day for volunteer work—especially if it is helping people move forward. I enjoy helping out with the kids’ school.
  • I want to spend my evenings reading, talking with Ben or with friends, watching movies occasionally, enjoying family time.
  • I’d like an adventure trip every seven years or so—visit Thailand or Croatia or New Zealand…

g) Purpose

  • I love contributing to my kids’ school. Making sure that all the kids get access to books, music, art and other enriching activities in the same way my own kids do.
  • I also love contributing to adults who want to grow—praying for them and helping them to allow the Holy Spirit to heal them and make them whole.
  • It’s fun to be a “connector”, or some people call me a lightning rod. A person who sees a need and can connect that person to someone else who can help in just the right way.
  • I like to give money to a few select people who I know will use it well and go far with it—helping with educational costs or with business start-up costs.
  • I don’t need applause for what I do, but I do enjoy looking back from time to time and seeing that because of my work, there have been improvements in people’s lives.
  • I like influencing people to do what’s right, and what they know they want to do.

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