Guest insight into awareness

From a dear friend:

Have I told you about the exercise I began in 2006 on focusing on the present?  It turned into a two year plus journey of self-discovery. I chose one word, on the advice of Indy Star coach and columnist Carol Juergensen Sheets, that would help me focus on a healthier lifestyle. My word was “present” as in “staying in the present, keeping in the present, and enjoying the present”.

My list of ways to implement my word, as Sheets recommended in a follow-on article, include the following:

  1. I will keep my body and my mind in the same place at the same time.
    2. I will use praise and gratitude to keep me focused on the present moment.
    3. I will “reel myself in” to the present as many times as it takes – without judgment of my performance.
    4. I will seek out, collect, and record positive reinforcement (from wherever I find it).
    5. I will focus my energy on the task at hand.
    6. I will cease fighting my circumstances.
    7. I will cease fighting my job.
    8. I will wait on the Lord.
    9. When I’m bruised, I will focus on the current hurt and not draw in all related hurts from the past.
    10. I will remember the power of selective perception.  I see and find the things I am looking for.

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