Margaret Guenther on Time

I sometimes ask people to keep a careful record of their activities, hour by hour, for one day-or better still, for a week. This is analogous to the helpful practice of weight loss programs in which dieters record each morsel of food. In both cases, there are surprises. The person who “eats nothing” discovers that she has been eating all day, taking in a highly caloric mouthful here, a highly caloric mouthful there. The person who would like to pray but “has no time” may find that he … never misses “L.A. Law”. Holy Listening, page 74

I found this interesting, because we had just been talking about this technique, but adding a twist. In addition to recording what was done hour-by-hour, it seemed helpful to indicate whether this activity was supporting any long-term goal (healthy eating, fitness, love within the family …) or whether it was, in fact, getting in the way of a larger value.

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