My code of ethics

- I will be truthful about what I can offer my clients, and about my qualifications and experience.
- I will acknowledge the efforts of those who have gone before me and from whom I am learning.
- If I feel that personal issues are getting in the way of my ability to coach, I will seek assistance from another certified coach or counselor and decide if I need to terminate the coaching relationship.
- I will keep my conversations with clients, and any records of those conversations, confidential within the limits of the law. And if I feel that I need to share information with another person, I will gain the client’s agreement first.
- Prior to or at the initial meeting, I will carefully explain to  my coaching clients the nature of coaching, the nature and limits of confidentiality, financial arrangements, and any other terms of the coaching agreement or contract.
- I will not make any promises about what my clients will receive from me as a coach. I will coach to the best of my ability, but what the client receives is mainly a function of their own desire and will to succeed.
- I will honor agreements and contracts with my clients.
- If my client wishes to terminate the coaching relationship, I will honor that wish. In fact, I will encourage the client to make a change if I feel that they would be best served through another resource.

The ICF code of ethics is also a good place to start when building an ethical coaching environment.

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