Peer Coaching 1

Getting coached by another person, while learning about coaching, is an interesting experience. My coach, Tatiana Ho, is terrific. She is so good at giving feedback, being patient and understanding, and letting me set my goals. Yet, she has told me she doesn’t feel like she’s really doing much.

To me, as a coachee, it’s so clear that it’s up to me to progress–it’s not her job. The first two calls, I didn’t meet my objectives, and was really scattered with my schedule. I can imagine she would have been feeling like she wasn’t a great coach. But from my end, it was just that I wasn’t quite ready to take action, but at least I was thinking about how to get organized.

On other weeks, we talked “off-topic”, which was also beneficial to me. On most calls, the Skype connection is so terrible, I don’t know how she can stand it. At least I’m used to it, living in Africa.

However, I can just type chats at her on Skype, while she is able to continue offering reflective listening and feedback by voice. It’s been great for me to just get to unload about whatever has been going on during the week. She’s helping me deal with perfectionism, and move on from that. She’s helping me see my strengths and learn to give myself a break. I like how she’s able to gently pick up on what has to budge, without ever seeming judgmental.

She definitely uses the 80/20 rule about talking, which is great fun from my end of the conversation. How often does someone listen that intently? It’s a great gift.

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