Re-framing 1

“I’m sick of being in a straitjacket!”

Did you ever feel that way? Stuck. No choice. No opportunity. Circumstances beyond your control. Other people making rules that affect your life.

What would your life be like it you were constantly able to re-frame? How would you feel if every tiem you felt that way, you were able to see the situation from another angle? Widen your views. See a new path.

Re-framing is simply knowing that there is a different way, or a different belief that may serve you better. Maybe you have never questioned a belief until you saw someone else do it differently. (I can’t be happy unless my husband is happy.)

But in order to have these new thoughts, and new ways of being, you have to make the space for it. Which may mean letting go of the old thought. You can step back, look at why a thought seemed to work in the past, and realize that you can let that thought go, or keep it from time to time when it’s beneficial.

As your coach, I can suggest new perspectives, but it’s a brainstorming process. My thoughts are not the only answers.

Re-framing has to work for you. Which means it has to present new possibilities, you have to be willing to let go, and take ownership of the new thought.

Some of the benefits of re-framing might be:
• You’d achieve your goals easier
• You could become more flexible and just take things easier in life.
• You’d feel more empowered because you would find a way that works—you’d have a great life
• You’d ease into things, go more slowly from one moment to the next, without pushing or fighting.
• You would have more flow. More living in the moment. More acceptance and calm.

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