The structure of my coaching sessions

  • My sessions last for a full 60 minutes. This allows for 5 minutes at the beginning for house-keeping items and to get focused in and centered for the call. The final ten minutes are used to clarify the week’s field work and receive feedback. This leaves a concentrated 45 minutes of coaching time. Calls begin and end promptly on time.
  • My sessions are held weekly, via telephone, unless a face-to-face session is particularly arranged. I take time off to manage back-office activities on on the 5th week of any month having more than 4 weeks, and I do not schedule appointments during certain holiday periods.
  • Kenyan clients:
    payment is in cash, up-front on a monthly basis. The rate is 1,500/= per session, meaning 6,000/= per month for four sessions. Kenyan clients call me.
  • International clients:
    payment is via PayPal to benbyerly. Rate is $400 per month for four sessions, to be paid at the beginning of each month. I call international clients using Skype.
  • I require clients to notify me 24 hours in advance to re-schedule a coaching session. One rescheduling is allowed per month, within the same week of the original time slot. A 50% forfeit of the coaching fee will be charged if 24 hours notification is not given for a cancelled or rescheduled call.
  • For no extra charge, I will respond to up to 3 email inquiries between each session. I commit to responding within 24 hours.

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