What I said to my fitness coach today

I want to take it slow–not jump into my day so quickly that I forget to eat breakfast or forget to pray or forget to exercise.

Those morning hours are important for making sure that the whole day falls into place. I think when I take two hours to do all those things, and not push to get things done, I will actually have a more fulfilling day.

And feel like I can go to bed on time instead of trying to fit in a few more things, leading to more energy the next morning, etc. So it seems like beginnings and endings of the day make a big difference.

I’m so thankful that I have learned to receive love and to care for myself. I’m also thinking about a coaching niche and feeling like work/life balance might be a good one because I feel that it is so beneficial to have a balanced day. One with a little learning, lots of loving, some useful work and some peace.

There are seasons in lifeā€”it is not to try to pack in every possible thing in one year, but to let time flow as it needs to.

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