Accountability 2

The accountability call was so interesting today. I had a little trouble concentrating, as a big Sykes monkey was swinging in the trees about 10 feet from my laptop, and some Hartlaub’s turacos were flashing their brilliant scarlet wings (well hidden under their mossy and dusky outer feathers when they’re not flying).

What was most interesting to me is that when a person wants to avoid accountability, they may not do it in the classic style that we normally think of–not calling on time, not doing their homework, resisting…

In fact, an upbeat, happy client who wants to talk about the positives may actually be more difficult. He may be struggling with fears, insecurities, self-doubt to such an extent that it seems best to keep things at a surface-level conversation.

Many of us in the class realized that we have been in that position ourselves–showing off our star selves, and covering up the doubts. Focusing exclusively on the positives (at least externally) not only distracts us from awareness of what needs changing, it also requires an enormous amount of energy. Creating a facade can actually move us toward anxiety and depression. Whereas, being open and authentic is freeing and can help us move forward, as we see what is real and we open up to possibilities.

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