Another stab at the perfect elevator speech

Transformational coaching means that if you are feeling “stuck” in an area of your life, I actively listen to what you’re saying, to what you’re not saying and to the underlying beliefs and values behind your words. I reflect a mirror back to you about this. By becoming fully aware, you are able to make personal breakthroughs—finding that your thoughts, feelings and actions flow more naturally toward what you truly desire.

1 comment to Another stab at the perfect elevator speech

  • Hey Christi,

    I’ve learned a process that has been helpful for me. You say you know how people feel ….., well I help them (insert what you help them do).

    This way we get market to a feeling or problem people can identify with and show them the results. People don’t want change, coaching, therapy, etc, They want a solution to their problem.

    At least that is my experience.



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