Life without limbs

My kids have been spell-bound. Watching this one video over and over and over again. It’s a video of a man with no arms and no legs, who fishes, swims, brushes his teeth…and LOVES life. His name is Nick Vijicic

My 8-year-old Kiara started out his video saying, “Oh, mom! I feel so sorry for him!” and ended saying, “I would want to marry someone like that. Do you want to marry him, mom? I mean, I like Dad, too….”

Nick’s authentic love of God shines through him so penetratingly. You find yourself wanting whatever it is that makes him so whole, so complete, such a vibrant, fulfilled human being. After the initial shock, you don’t even see a severely handicapped person. You see someone who has Christ living in him so deeply, that all that is seen is perfection.

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