Lisa Bloom is an accomplished storyteller and a Professional Certified Coach (ICF). She reminds us that we are telling our stories all the time. Corporations are going back to story-telling to build their history, their brand. As humans, we can re-tell our stories in a way that nourishes us, instead of in a way that holds us back.

As we experience life, we ‘tell’ it – almost every event that happens to us, we pass on; as an anecdote or complaint, or amusing table-side story or told purposefully and with interpretation.  And in the ‘telling’, in the narrative we choose, we define the experience.  We can examine the stories we choose to tell and see how committed we become to these stories. We CAN choose new stories, better stories! We can change the plot, change the words, and change the way we see and experience our lives.

Is your story the one you really want to be telling, or do you want to define your life in a new way? If we can get our story right, we can get out there and do what we want to do.

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