The flow of the coaching session

I’m thinking through how I want my coaching sessions to look, for my spiritual/life coaching clients, now that I have an idea of a big-picture model. For the first couple of sessions, I would take time discussing values, the ideal life, where you want to go overall. Then, as we get into the more routine sessions, I would structure them like this:

1st five minutes: checking in. What were your breakthroughs during the week? What baby steps or big steps did you take that made you feel excited about life and about your new way of being and connecting? What did that awaken in you regarding your values, and who you are?

15 minutes: Were there any sticking points during the week? Did you notice yourself feeling (afraid, jealous, angry, bitter …) Were you able to point to any trigger thoughts that led to those feelings?

 15 minutes: Where do you see your ideal self going? Can you re-frame some of these trigger thoughts and imagine new feelings related to the new thoughts? What would you like your responses to look like, and the way your body feels (relaxed, breathing easily, no more headaches, better sleep, etc)

10 minute wrap-up: requests and challenges to take action during the next week. Homework (becoming more aware–for example, noticing your inner world and writing down obervations, trying out new thought patterns, noticing feelings, taking new kinds of actions…). Note regarding where to begin the next session.

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