Game versus Seriousness

Do you ever take yourself too seriously? You find yourself feeling ultra-professional, stressed, anxious, thinking about what could go wrong.

What if you were able to turn the serious, and often significant and meaningful things to you, into a game? It may be serious that you need to get out there and find a new job. But can you do it in a way that seems fun? Can you set up the same kind of “rules” and “teams” that you might if you were playing a fun beach volleyball game? Who is on your team? How will you know if you’ve scored a point? Who is going to slap you five when you do?

I met a guy who wanted to stop making critical statements about people. He was serious about making this change. But, instead of kicking himself whenever he made a critical comment, his game was to take a sea-shell from one pocket and transfer it to another. This light-hearted game helped him to start cutting down negativity almost immediately. Within months, he could go for days without having to move his sea-shell. And life became more fun.

Are you taking yourself very seriously about something right now? How could you lighten up without losing the significance?

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