Powerful questions

What questions do you ask yourself? Are they the questions that are really serving you?

“Children ask better questions than adults. May I have a cookie? Why is the sky blue? and What does a cow say? are far more likely to elicit a cheerful response than Where’s your manuscript? Why haven’t you called? and Who’s your lawyer?”- Fran Lebowitz

The quality of the questions you ask yourself can determine the quality of your decisions and the quality of your life.

Some questions I like are:

  • What is happening here?” paired with “What is needed here?”
    I like this one especially with my kids–when the externals do not tell the whole story. Does screaming kid equal annoying kid who I don’t like? Or does screaming kid equal kid who’s feeling abandoned? Or does screaming kid equal tired and hungry kid?
  • What Can I Learn From This Situation?”
    When you become a master as extracting the positive out of a tricky situation, you will be that much more peaceful and in control. I’ve had things happen that seemed catastrophic, severely disappointing, and just impossible to understand. Then I look back and think what a blessing those things turned out to be. Even losing your job or losing your health can uncover a wealth of new possibilities that would have gone undiscovered.
  • What Else Can This Mean?”
    This one is great when you find yourself harboring judging, angry thoughts toward someone. When your spouse is late and your first thought is, “Typical. He is inconsiderate,” asking this powerful question can ensure that when he shows up with a special gift for you, you are in the spirit to receive it.
  • “How am I complete, just by BEING?”
  • “How can I maximize life, love, happiness, and a burning desire to contribute?”
  • “How much love can I give out and to whom do I want to give it to?”
  • “Who am I becoming from doing this?”
  • “How can I rise above the hurt to grow?”
  • “How can I be open to discover more?”
  • “What matters the most in this moment?”
  • “Can I be content now, not wanting or needing anything?”


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