Truth versus Fraud

This is one of my favorite subjects, because truth really does set us free–even when it is hard to look truth in the face. Being Real, like in the Velveteen Rabbit, is loving and being loved. And it’s so worth it.

Have you ever noticed how often we are less than truthful? Not that we are lying, but that we are not honest or not even aware of what is happening inside ourselves.

And why do we prefer to show others a facade, rather than the truth of who we are? What is keeping us from being “free to be me”?

Not telling the truth has such a high cost. When we feel misunderstood, we feel alone, resentful, angry, guilty. It often leads to depression. We expend all kinds of energy supporting this self that we want to show others, which only perpetuates the cycle. We then have this whole “shadow side” that includes so many positive parts of ourselves.

Because to be truly loved and accepted, we have to show who we are. We have to be authentic to accept and receive authentic love. With trust that love and acceptance are there for us, we can open up. When we acknowledge that what is most personal is most universal, we move toward a connectedness with other humans.

So what do we fear? Seeing our own imperfections? (which we and others judge when we try to ignore them, and which others can empathize with and forgive when we see them for what they are.) Hurting someone’s feelings?

Can we see the cost to living with half-truths? We take on more than we can really be responsible for. We are liked (or disliked) for a facade. We expend energy on a cover-up. We miss out on depths of love and acceptance.

And aren’t the advantages amazing!  Experiencing freedom to be who you truly are, with nothing to hide. No more fear of exposure. Exponential personal growth. Deeper relationships. Possibilities for love and acceptance. A ripple effect to others around you. As you grow in truth, so will others around you.

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