Go there first!

The quickest way to get a knuckle sandwich is to start distributing them. The quickest way to get a smile from someone is to start distributing them.

If I want you to find yourself in a state of happiness and peace, the quickest way is to go there myself first. So how do you ‘go there first’? Experiment and find the way that works best for you. As you begin to try them out, you will find yourself experiencing the most effective ways in your life.

- You can change your body posture to change your state of mind. Jumping, skipping, stretching, or shaking your hands can break you out of that state of mind and break you into a more beneficial one.
- Taking the posture that you normally do when you are in the state of mind that you want to be in actually begins to activate that state. Try on the position (posture, gesture, head position, breathing rate, muscle tension) that you normally have when are in that state, such as “the flow”, relaxation, creativity, happiness… Notice how quickly you start to enjoy experiencing the sensations of that state.
- Pretend. Your nervous system starts to get the idea very quickly, and the state you are pretending to be in soon starts showing up. The more convincingly you do it, the more you will get into it.

The more convincing you are to yourself, the more the other person will follow you into that desired state.

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