I am a recovering perfectionist. I decided to put together a workshop on Grace–the most important topic in the world, in my opinion.

But, I want sooooo much for the workshop participants to really grasp the concept of grace, that I’m working reeeeeeally hard on making it a good one. Reading lots of books on grace, reading lots of books on how to develop an effective workshop that really transforms people, struggling to choose just the right learning activities that support the learning objectives….

And it hit me this morning, that I need to find God’s grace for me once again, trust God for the process, let God do his work… There is grace for me in putting this workshop together. I am supported by the One who invented the concept.

And, just in case this blog post isn’t good enough, here’s a link to another blog post that reviews David Seamand’s (love that guy) book about grace.

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