Values and Life Purpose

I drew a picture of myself and filled it with several words that best describe my values. Each person’s values are different, because each of us was born for a different purpose. Visually filling my body with those values helped me move to the next step: defining my purpose.

I defined my purpose in the form of two words–a noun and a verb (for you this could end up looking like “living passionately”, “nurturing the environment”, “blessing people”…)

From there, I was able to create a list of goals for myself that would show that what I am doing is in line with my values and purpose.

Finally, I wrote for myself five rules for living well. Just five habits to keep in mind as I go about my day that help to build me into the person of purpose that I was made to be.

Would you like to give this process a try? After you’ve gone through it, share it with a friend.

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