Creating Confidence

One of the best ways to create confidence is to put down on paper what you have to offer–what makes you unique. To tell your story in a truthful way that discloses yourself in a way that shows you can be trusted.

For myself, the most important things that people need to know about me, to [...]

Powerful questions

What questions do you ask yourself? Are they the questions that are really serving you?

“Children ask better questions than adults. May I have a cookie? Why is the sky blue? and What does a cow say? are far more likely to elicit a cheerful response than Where’s your manuscript? Why haven’t you called? and Who’s [...]

The Quitting Zone

In our coaching process call, we talked about the critical point that often occurs in coaching, called the “quitting zone”.

Linda Anderson, in an “>Ezine article writes:

Have you ever had a goal, worked really hard to achieve it, persevered through the ups and downs along the way, and then at some stage it all seems too [...]

Accountability 2

The accountability call was so interesting today. I had a little trouble concentrating, as a big Sykes monkey was swinging in the trees about 10 feet from my laptop, and some Hartlaub’s turacos were flashing their brilliant scarlet wings (well hidden under their mossy and dusky outer feathers when they’re not flying).

What was most interesting [...]


If I want to dis-empower my husband about helping make breakfast in the morning, it’s quite easy. All I have to do is make a few remarks about burnt eggs, add a little eye-rolling, and step in and do it myself.

If I want to empower him to make breakfast, all I have to do is [...]

Seeing a whole child

It helps to continually behold the perfect child right where the disobedient, failing, or disturbed one seems to be. The perfect child cannot be seen at a superficial glance any more than the flower can be viewed in the bulb. We must look deeper than skin for beauty, deeper than behavior for goodness, deeper than [...]

Truth-telling with kids

Instead of saying,

“You’re so smart! You’re so stupid. You already know how to do that? You’re terrific! You can’t do that yet.”

Why not try these instead,

“That didn’t work well, did it? Now you can see that glass breaks when it falls on tile. That was good pouring, but it’s easier with two hands. Isn’t it [...]

Turn around your judging thoughts

The Work, by Byron Katie, is a fascinating way to identify and question your judgmental thoughts, so you can understand your thoughts and address them clearly.

In the first step, instead of suppressing judgmental thoughts, we put them on paper in a forcible, uncensored fashion, so that we can SEE them.We ask ourselves 6 specific, judging [...]


Lisa Bloom is an accomplished storyteller and a Professional Certified Coach (ICF). She reminds us that we are telling our stories all the time. Corporations are going back to story-telling to build their history, their brand. As humans, we can re-tell our stories in a way that nourishes us, instead of in a way that [...]

Underlying commitments

As your coach, when I find out that you have a belief system that you may not be aware of and that is holding you back, the thing to do will be to find out what it is and name it. From there, we can get curious about exploring it from different angles to see [...]