Create your ideal life

This program can take 6 months to 24 months to complete. Do Step 1, and if you’re enjoying yourself and it feels right, keep going!

Using a Coach

For many people, the picture they create using this process is VERY different from their current lifestyle. If you’re serious about living your ideal lifestyle, it is strongly recommended you use a coach during this process, or at the very least a motivated buddy to go through the process with you (working on their own life).

A coach can firstly help you clarify the picture, make sure it’s something you really want, and that it lights you up. “Are you dreaming big enough?” Secondly, a coach can help you develop strategies and action steps to make the picture a reality. Thirdly, your coach will remind you that it is possible, that you do deserve it, and provide support during this journey.


Create a picture of your ideal lifestyle. Use the questions as a guide; add your own questions. Assume money is not an issue i.e. you have plenty. You can worry about HOW to get your picture later. Now dream!

a) Self Care

How many massages per week? How much drinking water per day? What kind of body? Exercise program? Diet? How much energy would I have? How many walks/fresh air would I have? How much peaceful time? How much sleep do you get? How do you dress?

b) Home Environment

Where would you live geographically? Which suburb? Which country? House/unit? On the water? In the country? Friendly community? Climate? What would your bedroom look like? What lighting, artwork, flowers, smells? Your yard? How tidy is the house? Do you have a cleaner? Someone who shops for you? Does the washing? What car do you drive?

c) Relationship

From your partner, do you want a commitment for life, or a commitment for now? What kind of commitment do ~you~ want to make? Do you want an exclusive relationship, or one where you explore other relationships? To what limits? Kids? Have you got a partner? Do you want one? What are you looking for?

d) Friends and Family

How many friends do you want in your life? Do they drop by spontaneously, or set up weeks in advance? Do your friends know your other friends? Are they rich? Interesting? Creative? Warm and Open? Or busy and stressed? Ideally, how would your relationship with your mother look? Father? Siblings? (Don’t let your history block you here. Create the ~ideal~ relationships!)

e) Career

For this exercise, remember you don’t ~need~ a career. You have plenty of money, right? So in your perfect world, is there a job you would enjoy? What would you create or make? What service would you provide. What kinds of things have you enjoyed in past careers, or do you think you would be good at? What kind of people would you work with? What hours would you work? Work from home, or in a really funky office building with a slide down the middle?

f) Enjoyment

What do you do in your ideal lifestyle? Garden? Paint? Fish? Bushwalk? When you gather with friends or family, what do you do? Do you travel? Where; how often? What do you do when travelling? What do you do for adventure?

g) A Cause/Purpose

If the rest of your life was perfect and handled, to whom would you contribute? To your family? The environment? The Community? Child abuse victims? Politics? What do you strongly believe in? What do you love? What do you hate? How would you contribute? Donate money, time, brain power? What legacy would you like to leave behind when you die?


Read through your picture, asking: “Where have I not dreamed big enough? Where have I not been honest? Am I holding back?” Splurge a little! Modify accordingly


Read through it once more. This time ask: “Which are the crucial elements here?” Some things you’ve written are central to who you are, and what you value. Other things might be what OTHER people want, or sound nice e.g. a $5million yacht. Circle or highlight the things that are really important to you.


Do you believe it is possible for you to have this lifestyle? Do you deserve it? Are you willing to have this lifestyle for yourself? Are you willing to make it happen – to play the game? If YES, continue. If you answered NO to one of these questions, jump straight to STEP 6 to get past these blocks.


Let’s work out where to start first. Write the numbers 1 through 7 next to each area, starting with the area that is MOST important to you right now. (Note – if your number one area is also the hardest to achieve, start with an area that is still important, but easier to achieve in a 1-2 month time period; you want to generate some early momentum.)


For the area you’ve chosen to start on first, write down below the Top 10 actions that need to be done to attain your ideal lifestyle in that area. Make sure two are going to be done this week.

Action When Done


Get a coach to keep you on track during this process. Or, enroll a buddy to do it at the same time as you. Call at least one person and let them know what you’re doing, and the first two actions that are being done this week. Ask them if they’d be willing to check in with you once a week (phone or email) to see how you’re doing.


Don’t take it too seriously! Remember to enjoy the process. After all, you’re now playing the best game there is!