ICF Mentor Coaching

The International Coach Federation requires mentor coaching in certain circumstances. I love to offer mentor coaching to the following groups:

I offer mentor coaching in two ways. Either you can receive all 10 of your mentor coaching hours one-on-one, for a very rich and powerful experience. Or you can receive 7 of your mentor coaching hours in a group setting of up to 8 coaches, and the final 3 hours one-on-one. Either option fulfills your ICF requirement as you apply for or renew your ACC or PCC credential. I subscribe to the ICF code of ethics and the mentor coach duties and competencies and am a registered ICF mentor coach, PCC and GCC.

10 Hours of One-on-One Mentor Coaching:

I will help you:

  • Hone your skills in the ICF Core competencies that your assessor will be listening for
  • Celebrate the coaching skills you already have and round out the ones that could use some extra focus
  • Help you select your top recordings to submit with your application (if needed, for portfolio applications)

Over the course of this 3-month process, you will receive 10 hours mentor coaching, including:

  • An initial review of the ICF competencies, with a focus on how you see these showing up in your coaching. We will overview your coaching processes, from your welcome package and coaching agreement through to your wrap-up session.
  • Listening to 7 of your 30-minute recorded coaching sessions. For each of the audios you submit, I will offer you a written feedback form offering insight into the ways you are implementing the 11 ICF core competencies, and a 30-minute mentor coaching conversation focusing on what you are most proud of in that session and which competencies you’d like to improve. You can choose if you’d like us to listen to your audio recordings together or separately.
  • A wrap-up session addressing specific client challenges that you face as a coach, selection of your top audios for submission to the ICF and a summary of your growth as a coach.
  • In addition to fulfilling your mentor coaching requirement, you will really firm up the structure and flow of your sessions–particularly in the first and last minutes of each session, gain insights into your own unique coaching style, and enjoy the confidence-inspiring environment of working with an enthusiastic mentor coach.

Your investment in the complete 3-month mentor coaching package is $1,697 USD.

Group Mentor Coaching for ACC and PCC coaches

ICF allows up to 7 of your mentor coaching hours to be completed in a group setting. My group package is a great option for coaches wanting the supportive envornment of a group, particularly for those who are just completing an ICF-approved credentialing program of study or who are preparing for the ICF exam. As an ICF-certified group coach, and a coach trainer with CDI-Africa, I have had the pleasure of seeing the benefits of working in a group. You learn from observing your fellow coaches, and from hearing the feedback from several sessions. This program fulfills the ICF requirements for mentor coaching. While 7 of your hours may be completed in a group, 3 of your mentor coaching hours must still be one-on-one. The group mentor coaching takes place over an international bridgeline, with audios of the calls made available to you at no additional investment.

  • Four 90-minute calls and one 60-minute call (for a total of the 7 required group mentor coaching hours)
  • Three one-on-one coaching sessions, as we listen together or separately to your 30-minute recorded sessions, plus a 30-minute mentor coaching conversation

Your investment:

  • $1397, which is a $300 savings compared to the one-on-one mentor coaching package.
  • $997 for the 7 hours of group mentor coaching only
  • $497 for 3 hours of one-on-one mentor coaching only

Additional ICF credentialing handouts you may find useful for download:



Core Competencies Comparison Table

ICF Group Certified Coach

ICF Group Certified Coach

ICF Professional Certified Coach

ICF Professional Certified Coach