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From anxiety crisis to playing the piano for an audience
As I was thinking about how to put in words the changes in my life since I met and worked with Christi, I just closed my eyes and prayed, “Help me Lord to find the best way to express myself.” And it came immediately to my mind that this is exactly what happens: I learned to ask for help, I learned that I was loved and not obliged to do everything on my own. I learned to rest. And it does change everything.I was subject to anxiety crisis, this is hard to describe but basically you have the feeling that you are actually dying. I sometimes took medication, went through therapy… I don’t really know where this is coming from but I used to live and act as I didn’t deserve to be loved. My answer to that was constantly trying to please everybody around and controlling all my actions and even worse trying to control what others were doing or thinking, without forgetting of feeling guilty about the poor results I was getting.  I guess that my exhausted mind and body had to react by a least some anxiety. Christi gave me real tools, told me what to do the moment the crisis arrive and I slowly got off them by accepting them instead of trying to control them.From there and with Christi patience and the incredible love she is able to make you feel, I started to learn how to feel God’s love, unconditional love. It takes time, what’s amazing is how step by step God had permitted the changes, I can come back now anytime I need to our discussions, to the resources she gave me, I don’t feel as lost and alone as I used to be. I also have a different perspective, the firm conviction that what cross my mind is not automatically true, especially when I think something bad about myself,  the reflex to turn to God for love, peace and advice, the incredible relief of not feeling responsible for everything, so many things…I even did something amazing recently, played piano in front of a public after 3 years of learning and knowing it was not going to be perfect, I did it, again it is hard to explain in a few words how this would have been totally unimaginable some years ago but I changed, nothing is impossible. I thank God with all my heart for Christi, for allowing me to meet her and how she helped me making those steps forwards. – Marie, from France
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Beyond achievement to love and intimacy
I was achieving everything that I put my mind to for the past decade. I found myself with exactly what I had always wanted – a high level of education, a life full of adventure and travel, a killer job with a high salary and lots of promotions, and a gorgeous and loving husband. Then my world fell apart. I stopped working when my husband and I moved to another country and I began a year long process of destructing everything that I had build up to be my identity. The travels seemed less fulfilling, I no longer was making money, we left all of our friends, and I was no longer surrounded by people who valued me for my achievement.

Christi walked with me through this year, and officially became my coach when I had a small breakdown. She started as my friend, and then out of her overwhelming sense of acceptance and wisdom I approached her to become a formal guide for me during this season. I had no idea what I wanted or needed, but she created a very clear and safe space for me to begin the messy processes of redefining my identity. She used solid coaching skills to get to me a place of ‘realness’ and then she allowed the Holy Spirit to speak to me personally. She never told me what to do, what was wrong with me, or why I was feeling the way I was, but rather she listened intently, guided the conversations, and invited the Holy Spirit in.

During my months with Christi I was able to get to the root of some very deep issues that I have regarding who I am and the heart of my Maker. I was able to spend weeks in a place of rest, including being guided by her on a weeklong silent retreat. As I write this my eyes tear up at the beauty of being freed from the bondage of achievements and instead living in the acceptance of God.

I have now left Christi and live in a different country, but her impact on my life during that crossroads was monumental. I became a mother soon after my time with her, and I cannot imagine being on this journey of motherhood while still holding on to my old identity based on achievements and success. If I thought not having a stellar career with lots of recognition was hard when I was volunteering, I was so unprepared for spending my days caring for my beautiful baby boy!

My husband and I often still stop ourselves when we are dealing with a difficult situation and ask ourselves ‘What would Christi say right now?’ Inevitably, that simple question leads us to stop our rant, take a deep breath, and accept people for who they are in God. There are very few people in the world who gracefully shower that kind of influence over others, and Christi is one of them. Being coached by her is one of the best things I have done for my spiritual journey – and cannot recommend her enough! – Lisa

From powerless to understanding my worth
I cannot cram all that I have learned while working with  you into one paragraph. There is so much! My greatest take-aways are that my core is at the center of everything that I do. The biggest struggles I faced is understanding my worth. Once our worth is established in Christ, we are able to accept and can receive all the good that this world has to offer. Personal power is a treasure that we give away too often and to the wrong people. Spiritual coaching helped me take my power back and form healthy boundaries. I was able to see my life for what it is and rebuild with a new attitude and perspective towards life.
- Wairimu, from Kenya


MeganFrom panic to accomplishing my true work
I have worked with Christi off and on since 2010. Christi has been a consistent presence and reminder about the role that faith plays in navigating what I consider my “true” work. In addition to all the connections she has helped me make (tangible and intangible), she has affirmed throughout that my work is to show up, reach out, seek help/support but to LET GO of the fear and overwhelm that threatens my potential. She’s kept me grounded and provided trusted encouragement that reminds me God is in charge. I was always coming up against fear. This fear spoke louder than any dream – interrupting my ability to take steps away from situations that were holding me back. Working with Christi helped me understand that my fear was based in made-up “truths” – that in order to move forward I had to learn to break through these truths that were actually constructed out of fear. Now, when I consider my potential in love and work, I focus on evidence and practical steps that help me construct a paradigm to support action versus panic.

- Megan, from the United States

From flailing in the wind to decisive
I arrived at a place where I needed to re-think and revise my roles.  My youngest child had just started school, and I wanted to make sure to invest my additional brain space in ways that I actually wanted to, not just flail against anything that the wind blew in my direction. Christi helped me think through my various roles.  We analyzed my motivation for major commitments, and discussed their impact on my energy flows.  Several weeks after our session, I made key decisions that have moved me into the space where I want to be with my work.
- Debbi, US expat in Kenya

happy family lifeFrom the heavy weight of unforgiveness to a brand new life and marriage Christi, The change in me is nothing short of a miracle and I cannot thank God enough for using you to bring this change in my life. I am free of the burden of unforgiveness and this has changed everything. I have continued to experience a deep healing in my relationships simply because I see things differently and have different expectations. I now know that the only perfect love I will ever experience is God’s love for me. I am his beloved and he paid the price once and for all time. This has been so liberating. A strange thing happened in my newfound freedom. I can only say that I have a brand new life and marriage. I am happy, my house has started to be the house of grace that I continue to pray for. I have been told I am more approachable and that is so important to me and my work. We pray with my husband that this is the mark of our new love. I have a testimony of praise and even now I am in tears just thinking and writing about it.
- Anne, from Kenya

From blah to energized I felt energized and refreshed after each session, giving me the desire and determination to achieve my goals and celebrate my successes. By the end of the twelve sessions, I felt I had undergone some significant internal changes leading to new goals and ambitions, a better relationship with my husband, recognizing the importance of celebration, and a new-found energy to keep moving onward and upwards in all areas of my life. My sessions with Christi left me feeling like my life had momentum and meaning again. – Freya, from Australia

From perfectionism to grace This coaching relationship has increased my joy and confidence for life in general.  It has given me the skills to give myself more grace and not be a perfectionist. And it has helped me establish a plan for my career and several other areas of my life that I can work toward. Christi, you helped me discover new insights and perspectives. You also provided me with a great deal of resources that were very helpful. You focused on me as a person and not just the goals I came to the sessions with. You were able to increase my awareness of certain thoughts and feelings that were keeping me from moving forward on my goals and deal with those before we worked on my goals. You were always very respectful of my time and very generous with yours. I feel like I’ve gained very valuable insights and skills to move forward in my life. – Heather, from the USA

From shame to valued Christi, you are an amazing person. You had a good way of asking questions that would force me to think for myself and not wait for you to supply the answers. You are so complimentary and positive. Sometimes, I would come to a session ashamed that I hadn’t done very well with my assignments, and you would get me to focus on the positive and celebrate the accomplishments. As a result of our twelve sessions, I feel free to be me, as God created me to be. I am more organized and more productive, too, having more time to do things I really wanted to do like exercise and play the piano.

Insightful and kind are the two words that describe her best. I came to see myself as a person of value through her direction.   - Phyllis, from Kenya

From stuck to confidence in being me Christi, When I first spoke with you, I was stuck and experiencing a lack of confidence and self-awareness. I really wanted to move forward, but didn’t know where to begin. I often felt anxious in social situations because of the lack of confidence. The effects of that on my life were devastating. I definitely had many perspective shifts as we moved through the 12 sessions. I realized that I am my own person and don’t have to conform to any other human’s way of being. I am a strong, confident, unique child of God created in His image. My confidence increased significantly through the weeks that I worked with you. In all of the situations where I wanted to be myself with my husband, my co-workers, my boss (getting a big pay raise!) and others, I learned to fully accept and love myself. I AM ME and that is an amazing person that I am proud to be. It was such an eye-opening experience! You somehow knew the right questions to ask. You dug deep below the surface, creating a safe environment for me to learn to fully accept myself without judgment. Christi, the impacts of your coaching will last a lifetime! – Vee, in the USA