Spiritual Accompaniment

What happens?

At Awaken Coaching, you will be offered a quiet, simple space in which to meet with Christi, who is certified in the practice of spiritual accompaniment. Or you are welcome to call in on phone or Skype. Christi will spend a good hour “on holiday” with you and with God—enjoying the awarenesses that God will bring to the sessions. Christi is a practicing Christian, and welcomes people from all faith backgrounds.

Your time in spiritual accompaniment will give you a chance to tend well to your soul, to give priority to your inner wellbeing and to your relationship with God. You will be invited to become more aware of the presence of grace in your life and will safely be able to bring to God a range of emotions and insights. Spiritual growth is best supported over time, so it is recommended to meet monthly over the course of a year or more, although you are welcome to come try it out for a session or two. After each hour with your spiritual guide, you may choose to spend additional time in the garden at Awaken Coaching to continue in prayer, to journal or draw, and to enjoy God in nature.

Who is it for?

Spiritual direction is for pastors, missionaries, ministry leaders, people who are trying to find their way spiritually, and people in all sorts of life situations who can benefit from spiritual growth over time.

If you are a spiritual leader, this may be one of the few confidential and neutral settings in which it is OK to talk about questions, hurts about your ministry, and doubts. Here, there is not pressure to perform or impress. It’s a holy place where your calling can be discerned and affirmed. If you desire spiritual growth, you will have a safe place to figure out how to live out your faith, exploring new ways to connect with God.

How will I benefit?

The soul-shaping conversations begin right where you are and help you to experience God in deeper ways, in the now. Through regular conversations you’ll discover how you can draw close to God and learn to flourish right in the midst of life’s challenges. You will become more aware of God’s presence and love. You will learn to be still in the midst of life’s demands, and to tend to your soul regularly. You may also want to incorporate new spiritual practices into your daily life. You will experience the healing love and the beauty of grace that help you become more human, more accepting and more alive.

What happens next?

You are welcome to stay in spiritual accompaniment as long as you like. You may find that you are interested in joining in on silent prayer days with other like-minded people. Christi also organises regular day-long sessions of silent prayer at a retreat center near her home in Karen, during which spiritual accompaniment is provided.

Contact Christi at christibyerly@gmail.com to find out about rates or to schedule your first session.