About Your Coach

My story is probably a lot like yours. I grew up as a high achiever–straight As on my report card, graduated valedictorian of my class (big fish, small pond), went to an excellent university where I graduated on the Dean’s list with some Latin words after my title, enjoyed a career with multiple promotions… and felt like I was never going to do enough or be enough. I was expected to be a good role model for others, and I really pushed myself in my work. I was very caught up in status, and really enjoyed (and was frightened by) being called the company’s “rising star”.
At one point in my career, I had been transferred to the headquarters office in Paris, where I really experienced for the first time the feeling of being a failure. My French wasn’t quite as fast as native speakers’ and I wasn’t the center of the crowd, I couldn’t make the funniest jokes, I couldn’t write the best presentations in another language…. I was making a 6-figure salary and had achieved my dream of living and working in Paris, and I was miserable.
That took me on a spiritual journey of learning to accept and love myself at my worst, to forgive others, to give up a judging mindset, and to live in peace and joy. I had to learn to answer the question, “Who am I without my achievements?”
What I personally do as a coach is to work with high achievers, who struggle with receiving grace, and who want to live with love and joy. I help them learn how to rest in the love of God, so that their load feels lighter while they can be of greater benefit to the world–with a lot less striving and pushing. It’s a spiritual awakening and a new way to be.

A few other facts about me:

- I’m a child of God, and I became aware of that in a transformational way when I was in my 20s.

- I’ve been married to a great guy named Ben since 1993. He has helped me to become more flexible, more willing to step out on a limb, more open.

- I’m a mom of three kids, each one born on a different continent-North America, Europe and Africa. As a parent, I remind myself that my kids and I are all God’s children.

You may already have started to become aware of your desire for a breakthrough, and you may be surprised how easy it is to click on the free trial session and take that first step. When you email me to ask  for a free trial coaching session, you can briefly describe the issue you would most like coaching for, or just let me know of your interest. I will respond to you within 48 hours.